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Welcome to our free downloads where you'll find the histories over 5,500 Black Country pubs in PDF format

We find new information all the time, and, because this is not in the published files, which are formatted, bookmarked and have images, we have decided to start to make our working files available. These files are text only, and not formatted or bookmarked; the new information is coloured green; at the end of the file is a section for information that we have not been able to attribute to a specific pub.

We hope you find these downloads useful. Please, if you can, show your appreciation by contributing information or photographs. You are free to use our research as you see fit, but we would ask that if you do use it, please give us an acknowledgement as the source, and a link to this website would be appreciated.


Bilston 3rd Edition
(Inc. Bradley, Hallfields)
340+ Pubs
HBCP Bilston 3.pdf (12.7Mb updated 31/3/2016)
The Murder of Alice Pountney, the Pheasant Inn, Bilston in 1922
Alice Pountney.pdf (100Kb uploaded May 2015)
Greyhound & Punchbowl.pdf  (7.8Mb uploard October 2023)

Brierley Hill 3rd Edition
(Inc. Pensnett, Quarry Bank, Round Oak)
275+ Pubs
HBCP Brierly Hill 3.pdf (10.5Mb updated 2/9/2015)

Darlaston 4th Edition
(Inc. Bentley, Cock Heath, Moxley, Wood's Bank)
194 Pubs
HBCP Darlaston 4.pdf (25.2Mb updated 1/5/2022)

Dudley 3rd Edition
(Inc. Harts Hill, Kates Hill, Priory, Woodside)
450+ Pubs
HBCP Dudley 3.pdf (8.5Mb updated 27/3/2014)

Halesowen 4th Edition
(Inc. Colley Gate, Cradley, Hasbury, Lapal)
145 Pubs
HBCP Halesowen 4.pdf (41Mb updated 22/6/2019)
HBCP Halesowen Working File (Text Only - 6.1Mb updated 12/5/2022) 

Kingswinford 3rd Edition
(Inc. Himley, Wall Heath)
70+ Pubs
HBCP Kingswinford 3.pdf (4.1Mb updated 8/11/2015)
Glynne Arms (Crooked House).pdf (16mb uploaded 17/8/2023)

Netherton 3rd Edition
(Inc. Darby End, Dudley Wood, Saltwells, Windmill End)
110+ Pubs
HBCP Netherton 3.pdf (4.3Mb updated 21/10/2015)

Oldbury 4th Edition
(Inc. Causeway Green, Langley, Rounds Green, Tividale)
195+ Pubs
HBCP Oldbury 4.pdf (59Mb updated 19/7/2021)
HBCP Oldbury Working File (Text Only - 9.4Mb updated 12/5/2022) 

Rowley Regis 4th Edition
(Inc. Blackheath, Cradley Heath, Old Hill, Whiteheath)
184 Pubs
HBCP Rowley Regis 4.pdf (76Mb updated 12/3/2020)
HBCP Rowley Regis Working File (Text Only - 11.4Mb updated 12/5/2022)

Sedgley 4th Edition
(Inc. Coseley, The Gornals, Woodsetton)
225 Pubs
HBCP Sedgley 4.pdf (41.5Mb updated 19/10/2018)
HBCP Sedgley Working File (Text Only - 8.3Mb updated 12/5/2022)
The Death of Prudence Hughes, who died at the Jolly Crispin in 1844
Prudence Hughes.pdf (1Mb uploaded February 2015)

Smethwick 3rd Edition
(Inc. Bearwood, Londonderry, Warley)
160+ pubs
HBCP Smethwick 3.pdf (11Mb updated 8/6/2013)

Stourbridge 3rd Edition
(Inc. Amblecote, Lye, Wollaston, Wollescote, Wordsley)
380+ Pubs
HBCP Stourbridge 3.pdf (11.6Mb updated 21/2/2014)

Tipton 4th Edition
(Inc. Burnt Tree, Dudley Port, Great Bridge, Princes End, Toll End)
360 Pubs
HBCP Tipton 4.pdf (38Mb updated 2/5/2018)
HBCP Tipton Working File.pdf (Text Only - 9.4Mb uploaded 12/5/2022)

Walsall 3rd Edition
(Inc. Bloxwich, Leamore, Palfrey, Pelsall, Rushall, Shelfield, Walsall Wood)
560+ Pubs
HBCP Walsall 3.pdf (68Mb updated 3/9/2017)
George Holden, Prize Fighter and Publican of Walsall
HBCP Walsall Working File.pdf (Text Only - 17Mb uploaded 12/5/2022)
George Holden.pdf (1Mb uploaded 13/9/2017)

Wednesbury 3rd Edition
(Inc. Kings Hill, Mesty Croft)
240+ Pubs
HBCP Wednesbury 3.pdf (7.4Mb updated 9/8/2014)

Wednesfield 3rd Edition
(Inc. Ashmore Park, Fallings Park, Heath Town, Park Village, Wood End)
110+ Pubs
HBCP Wednesfield 3.pdf (6Mb updated 17/8/2016)

West Bromwich 3rd Edition
(Inc. Golds Green, Greets Green, Hill Top, Lyndon)
390+ Pubs
HBCP West Bromwich 3.pdf (13Mb updated 12/12/2014)

Willenhall 3rd Edition
(Inc. Little London, New Invention, Portobello, Short Heath)
210+ Pubs
HBCP Willenhall 3.pdf (8.7Mb updated 30/10/2016)
HBCP Willenhall Working File.pdf (Text Only - 3.1Mb uploaded 12/5/2022)

Wolverhampton 3rd Edition
(Inc. Blakenhall, Codsall, Oxley, Penn, Tettenhall, Whitmore Reans)
870+ Pubs
HBCP Wolverhampton 3.pdf (28Mb updated 21/7/2016)


Black Country Brewers
(Inc. Amblecote, Bilston, Blackheath, Bloxwich, Brierley Hill, Coseley, Cradley, Cradley Heath, Darlaston, Dudley, Halesowen, Kingswinford, Lower Gornal, Lye, Netherton, Oldbury, Old Hill, Pensnett, Quarry Bank, Smethwick, Stourbridge, Tipton, Upper Gornal, Wall Heath, Walsall, Wednesbury, Wednesfield, West Bromwich, Willenhall, Wolverhampton, Woodsetton, Wordsley)
1800 Brewers, Pubs and Brewery Companies
HBCP Brewers 2.pdf (29Mb created 26/12/2013)

Black Country Beermats
Over 1100 Beermats Sides
A small collection of Beermats from Black Country Breweries and Breweries that owned or leased public houses in the Black Country.
HBCP Beermats.pdf (28Mb updated 11/11/2017)